Resources for Scaling Social Innovations

“Supporting Innovative Co-operative Development: The Case of the Nova Scotia Co-operative Development System” by Lena Soots

This research report documents a case study of the recent history of successful innovation and development in the co-operative sector in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, that has been unparalleled in other parts of Anglophone Canada. The case study looks at the Nova Scotia Co-operative Development System from a systems perspective in order to encompass a wide range of interacting processes that are involved in the Nova Scotia experience. The research identifies success factors in the Nova Scotia experience that might be relevant to co-operative development in other regions.

“What is it About Sangudo?” by Dan Ohler and Paul Cabaj

This rural town is getting a new lease on life. Can yours, too? Sangudo, Alberta used to have many things in common with other rural towns: retiring shop owners, boarded-up shops, youth exodus, and resignation to its fate. Things are turning around in Sangudo, though. What are the keys to its revitalization?

“The Ecology Of Success” by Mike Lewis

The Problem Of Scaling Up What Works In CED: Remember ‘Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus’? Well, a little biological analysis can also shed some light on the difficulty in replicating CED success. In the bureaucratic world of mainstream agencies and institutions, community-based initiatives are essentially ‘alien life forms.’ Barring radical change to that environment, why should they survive?

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