The New Economy Summit Redefining Prosperity – Redefining Prosperity, Rethinking our Economy

April 5-6, 2013 at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

*This is one of a series of new economy summits that are taking place, the only one in Canada. 

Why do we need a new economy?

We want to change the structure of Canada’s economy to prioritize human well-being and a healthy ecosystem while ending economic stagnation. As climate change accelerates, inequality increases and the imperatives of global finance are driving speculative bubbles, we want to formulate a new approach to economic thinking. Because our political system hasn’t addressed an economic structural change, can Canada’s universities jump start transition to a new economy?

This will be a gathering of people who understand there’s something fundamentally wrong with the current economic system and pioneers who are already building a new economy. We invite students from universities across the region, citizens and organizations who are interested in building momentum for this movement.

Conference Topics Include:

  •    Building a local food economy
  •    Co-ops
  •    Local Value Exchange
  •    Ethical Investing and Social Markets
  •    Sustainable University Endowments
  •    Non-for-profits
  •    Financing the Local Food Economy
  •    Redefining Value in our Communities
  •    Changing Economics Education
  •    Dynamics of Craft Economies

BALTA’s Mike Lewis will be one of four plenary speakers two of whom are  David Korten, well known U.S. author and founder of Yes magazine, and Bill Rees, originator of the concept of an ecological footprint.

For more information, visit:

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