Webinar: Scaling Success – Community Based Carbon Reduction Breakthroughs in B.C.

Presentation held on June 18th

Elizabeth Sheehan, the co-founding champion and now president of Climate Smart Business Inc , led an exciting webinar on the evolution and scaling of a unique community based approach to carbon reduction.  Organized as a B-Corp which blends non-profit and private ownership, Climate Smart is a social enterprise focused on engaging small and mid–size businesses to reduce their carbon foot print through energy, waste and transportation efficiencies.  Their story from idea to prototype to piloting their package of services is joined up with a remarkable scaling of their carbon reduction impacts in B.C. Partnerships with municipalities have been an important feature of their approach.

Our discussion explored the idea of tapping into and harnessing local entrepreneurial powers, basically small and medium-sized business enterprises (SMEs), to meet the challenge for our day to de-carbonize our economy for a new low carbon economy.

Download presentation slides: Climate Smart Webinar

Presentation recordings:  June 18th Climate Smart Webinar Recording

Full webinar transcript: Webinar Transcript Climate Smart

Case Studies:

Climate Smart on Metro Vancouver’s Sustainable Region TV

This case study describes why Metro Vancouver has engaged Climate Smart to meet its community wide goals. The key point is that local and regional government have set community wide emission reduction goals and that their own operations are a very tiny part of the community wide emissions. Therefore, this is seen as an engagement strategy for civil society to get on board and start making their way towards this transition. Another key point in this region is that 20% of the emissions are reportedly from SME, so it is an important way of meeting these goals.

Climate Smart Case Study – Concert Properties


About Climate Smart:

Having delivered their 100th training cohort and within reach of their
initial 1 million tonnes carbon under management target,  Climate Smart is now considering other key issues:

  • how to expand their success into other markets
  • how to structure partnerships in other jurisdiction
  • financing options
  • how new knowledge gained as a result of market development can positively impact carbon reduction efforts up and down supply chains and the realized impacts to the rest of the economy

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