Aurora Online Interview: Michael Lewis on the Resilience Imperative

Interview by Deb Schrader

RI -Image-front-coverMichael Lewis is the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal and is well-known internationally as a practitioner, author, educator and leader in the fields of Community Economic Development and Social Economy.

I met with Mike Lewis on November 3, 2012 to discuss The Resilience Imperative: Cooperative Transitions to a Steady-State Economy (co-written with Pat Conaty) at the Food Secure Canada Assembly, held in Edmonton, Alberta. The assembly gathered over 300 individuals from across Canada representing the success and challenges of food security work trying to build systems of equity that fight hunger and sustainhuman and ecological health. Our conversation took place in this apt surrounding, sandwiched between a viewing of Our Changing Homeland, Our Changing Life, a food security tale of the VuntutGwitchin First Nation of Old Crow, Yukon, and the evening’sTastes and Sounds of Alberta, a gala farmers market. Lewis spoke passionately and extensively about the key messages and case studies within this book and of his personal pathway to and from this work.

The full interview is available on Aurora Online, Athabasca University’s publication featuring interviews with leading thinkers and writers. Access the interview here.


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