European Based Participants in Synergia Network Meet in London

Synergia is an international network that evolved out of BALTA to promote work on converging the co-operative, commons, peer-to-peer and sustainability transition movements and agendas. European based Synergia members met at the London School of Economics on April 25 to discuss how to further the development of Synergia and its initial project of developing an online peer-to-peer learning platform to promote knowledge about the commons, co-operatives and sustainability transition. Discussion covered the aims of Synergia, pedagogical approach to the online learning platform, options for a specific platform, subject matter for the platform, audiences, and next steps planning. Several participants agreed to serve on the Synergia steering group.

Athabasca University and the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal have provided some initial financial support for earlier work in developing Synergia. Athabasca University recently confirmed that it would provide some further funding and support to continue the work. Other members of Synergia are committing significant time to development of the online learning platform.

For further information, contact John Restakis:

Photo credit: Vancouver Farmers’ Markets

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