Synergia Summer Institute – Monte Ginezzo, Tuscany

Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth:
Pathways to a New Political Economy
September 11 – 23, 2016

Monte Ginezzo photo

Synergia is an international network that unites academics, social activists, practitioners and policy makers in a common effort to articulate and implement models of economic and social practice that transition societies to a new model of political economy that is sustainable, democratic, socially just and based on principles of co-operation and the common good.

We are very pleased to announce that Synergia will be organizing its first face-to-face program at the Synergia Summer Institute, September 11 – 23, at Monte Ginezzo in Tuscany. Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth – Pathways to a New Political Economy is an intensive 2-week program that will cover Synergia’s key online course subjects and feature many of our course developers and collaborators as instructors and workshop leaders. Cost for the course is $1,500 Euros. There is also an option for attending one week for $1,000 Euros.

Around the world today, there is a universal sense that we are living through a unique moment in history. Rarely before has the need for systemic change been more obvious or more urgent. The economic and social crisis that continues to unfold across the globe requires a new vision of political economy that can offer a truly progressive alternative to the neoliberal paradigm that is undermining the civil and democratic foundations of our societies and the economic and social well being of individuals and their communities. For change makers the world over, the challenges to be faced are global – yet the solutions must be effective locally. The interface of global knowledge with local practice has thus become the nexus for transformative social change in our time.

The course explores ideas, models, and practices that advance game-changing solutions in the following key areas:

  • Co-operative Capital & Social Finance; Alternative Currencies
  • Co-op & Commons-Based Housing & Land Tenure; Community Land Trusts
  • Renewable Energy; Community-Owned Energy Systems
  • Local & Sustainable Food Systems; Community Supported Agriculture
  • User-Controlled Health & Social Care; Social & Community Service Co-ops
  • Co-operative and Commons Governance
  • Platform Co-operatives, Digital Commons & Peer-to-Peer Productions Systems
  • Convergence and the New Political Economy; Principles, Propositions, and Practices

See the detailed Synergia program for further information about content, the program structure, instructors, fees and other details.

Updates on Synergia and the Summer Institute may be found on our facebook page:

Those wishing information on registration for the course can send an email to:

We also request that you distribute this information to your own organizations and networks in order to get the word out as far and wide as possible. We hope that you and others in your organizations may find an opportunity to take part.

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