This WordPress website is maintained by the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) as a communications and knowledge mobilization tool for our Scaling Innovation for Sustainability research project (also known as the Social Economy, Community Resilience and the Transition to Sustainability project). We welcome contributions that are relevant to the research themes being explored as part of this project.

BALTA is a regional research collaboration amongst social economy organizations, universities and colleges in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, but that also includes research partners in other parts of Canada and other countries. The network is focused on research related to the social economy and its role in society, but also investigates subjects of wider focus but where a social economy connection is significant. Research has taken place within Alberta and B.C., across Canada, and in several other countries. BALTA began in 2006 and has conducted approximately 50 research projects and many more case study investigations since then. See further information on BALTA.

BALTA’s Scaling Innovation for Sustainability (SIS) project is a new initiative that builds on BALTA’s earlier sustainability related research and education. It is intended to investigate the challenge of how we can more effectively adapt and scale up/out successful innovations that are already contributing to sustainability in one locale and that can achieve much wider impact through scaling. What supports and thwarts scaling? How do we ensure that the essence of successful innovations are retained even while they are being adapted to new contexts? What kinds of policies and support frameworks can enhance the successful scaling of innovations? The SIS Project is intended to be a multi-year research initiative. The initial phase of this initiative is a two year development process, which began in August 2012, to develop the partnerships and research framework that will support the longer term research program. This developmental phase will also include significant dissemination and mobilization of existing sustainability research to new audiences. See further information on the Scaling Innovation for Sustainability project.

The SIS project consists of three co-leads, various academic and social economy partner organizations and numerous individual participants involved in three research clusters.


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