Leadership Team

Mike Lewis is the lead investigator of the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) and its Scaling Innovation for Sustainability (SIS) Project. For 35 years he has led hundreds of projects across Canada in the fields of community economic development and the social economy through the organization he leads, The Canadian Center for Community Renewal. A prolific author and a respected practitioner in Canada and abroad, BALTA has been a major focus of Mike’s since 2006. Among the many research results to emerge from BALTA was the ground breaking book he co-authored, The Resilience Imperative: Cooperative Transitions to a Steady State Economy. The book features diverse innovations which help to connect the dots between food, energy, shelter, finance, localizing and democratizing ownership, and land reform in the age of climate change, peak oil and an unjust global financial system.

Mike Gismondi is the managing co-lead of BALTA and its Scaling Innovation for Sustainability (SIS) Project. Mike is Professor of Sociology at Athabasca University. He is an Adjunct Professor of Sociology at the University of Alberta and a Research Fellow with the Centre for Research in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at York University. He is editor of Aurora: Interviews with Leading Thinkers and Writers, and an editorial board member of the Electronic Journal of Sociology. Mike lives in the Northern Alberta Town of Athabasca and was for many years a town councilor.  He is interested in the relationship between municipal government and the social economy. His BALTA research has partially focused on the intersections between sustainability and the social economy.

Noel Keough is a co-lead of BALTA’s Scaling Innovation for Sustainability (SIS) Project. He is a co-founder and Senior Researcher for the Sustainable Calgary Society and an Assistant Professor of Sustainable Design at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Environmental Design. He has worked as a professional engineer, environmental consultant and community development specialist in many parts of the world. Through Sustainable Calgary Noel has followed a participatory action research agenda through citizen engagement in community sustainability indicator design, research and reporting and using deliberative approaches to citizen-driven policy design and advocacy. For several years Noel has pursued an interest in a practical understanding of complexity theory, its implications for human freedom, creativity and social justice, and its application to the search for community sustainability.

Stuart Wulff has been the coordinator of the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) since 2006 and is continuing this role as facilitator of the Scaling Innovation for Sustainability (SIS) Project. He has worked for almost 30 years as coordinator and CEO for a wide range of education, policy and advocacy oriented coalitions, mostly in the fields of international development and human rights. His work has also focused on environmental issues (e.g. climate change), conflict resolution, and community based economic and social development. Stuart’s work has taken him to many countries, including periods living in Africa, Europe and the South Pacific. An important aspect of Stuart’s work has been the building of links between organizations and communities in other countries and their counterparts in Canada.

One response to “Leadership Team

  1. I seriously miss the BALTA webinars from years gone by. I would really like to find out how the social economy can become accessible to everyone in each community in Western Canada. With a social democratic government in Alberta – I see this as a major game changer. We could envision a subsistence co-op that could upgrade bitumen. This would eliminate all the worries associated with dilbit getting transported by tanker and pipeline. I would hope that it is possible to get a conversation going on this subject.

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