Student research assistants have played an important role in BALTA’s research programs since we began in 2006. Over 70 students have worked as BALTA research assistants, contributing to over 50 projects and numerous research case studies, reports, conference presentations, etc.

Students Involved in BALTA’s SIS Project

Nelly B #2

Nelly Bouevitch, Knowledge Mobilization Assistant Facilitator- Nelly is organizing webinars, contributing to our SIS website, and facilitating other communication and knowledge mobilization activities. Nelly is currently pursuing a Master in Resource Management degree with the Centre for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University. Her graduate research is focused on knowledge mobilization, community engagement and public outreach processes, making Nelly an ideal fit for BALTA’s knowledge mobilization programming.

Danica StraithDanica Straith, (BALTA Intern) Assistant Facilitator for the BALTA SIS Project . Danica recently completed her graduate studies in integrated water resource management at McGill where she examined the role of change agents in the Canadian water sector and the ways in which they address institutional barriers to more sustainable water management. After this research, she moved to Berlin to work for GETIDOS socio-­ecological research group to look at scaling strategies for sanitation enterprises in informal settlements. Between her bachelor’s degree and masters, she co-founded StreetSuds, a laundry service social enterprise that serves as transitional employment program for individuals. Currently, she researches sustainability transition frameworks and scaling strategies for the BALTA SIS project.

JustinphotoJustin Ritchie, Student Research Assistant with the Financing Transition Research Cluster- Justin is working on issues of biophysical impacts of finance for his PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Systems at the University of British Columbia.

He broadcasts regularly on issues of ecological economics, debt, energy depletion and climate change as co-host of The Extraenvironmentalist podcast and FM radio show at

Aida NciriAida Nciri- Aida is a PhD student in the Department of Geography at the University of Calgary. Graduate in Master in Public Policy focusing on Sustainable Development and Risk Management from the university Sciences-Po Paris (France), she has long been interested in the understanding of the implementation of sustainable transition in energy systems and the social processes and representations which are at work.

Aida joined the BALTA project with lot of enthusiasm to study different energy transition projects in Alberta.

Naomi Finseth, an undergraduate student at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta, has been working on a preliminary bibliography of resources related to scaling innovation. Naomi’s work was sponsored by the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities at Augustana. Naomi is completing a BA in Political Science, with a minor in Economics.