Research Clusters

The initial two year phase of BALTA’s Scaling Innovation for Sustainability Project is a development phase, developing the research framework and plans for a longer term research program that ideally will begin in 2015. This development phase will also develop funding proposals to seek support for the research program. Much of the work during this phase will take place in three research clusters:

Research Cluster 1 – Micro, Mezzo & Macro Dimensions of the Research Framework

Research Cluster 2 – Community Based Research Approach and Methodology

Research Cluster 3 – Financing Transition

Illustration by Don McNair. Taken from The Resilience Imperative, Co-operative Transitions to a Steady State Economy, a book arising from earlier BALTA research that has helped to shape the Scaling Innovation for Sustainability Project.

BALTA’s previous research program, taking place over 2006 to 2012, also included several research clusters and generated a significant body of research outputs. Many of these outputs are relevant to the research themes that will be included in the new Scaling Innovation for Sustainability research program. Information about this earlier research can be found under Pre-2012 BALTA Research.


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